No more "napkin math" or complicated Excel spreadsheets for Real Estate Investment Analysis. is a best-in-class purpose built tool for real estate investment analysis

ROI Calculation After Refinancing offers a precise calculation of Return on Investment post-refinancing, which is typically challenging to calculate accurately with conventional methods.

Financial Ratios including Debt Coverage tracks financial ratios, including rent to value, break even, debt coverage and debt yield. The tool also tracks new equity and the profit gained after refinancing, including scenarios where the investor pulls out all their investment plus additional profit.

Real-Time Value Increase Visualization shows projections in net income, total equity, cash flow, ROI and property value aiding investors in understanding the growth of their investment.

Comprehensive Tool for Real Estate Investors is a comprehensive tool for real estate investors, especially those using the BRRRR strategy, offering clarity and detailed analysis from purchase to post-rehab refinancing.

Share your analysis to get partners on the same page

Share investment opportunities while maintaining the privacy of certain investment details. Track opens for smart follow ups.

Visualization and Reporting Tools

Get charts for a visual breakdown of costs, equity growth, and financial details, providing a clear picture of the investment's potential.

Best in Class Refinance Analysis

In-depth analysis of property repositioning or refinancing, including calculations based on proposed cap rates and potential mortgage adjustments.

"Secured more deals and partnerships than ever before." - Kateryna Topchii

"I've always struggled with accurately calculating ROI post-refinancing and presenting my investments in a clear, convincing manner to potential partners. Since using, these challenges have become a thing of the past. It not only simplifies complex financial metrics but also brings my investment presentations to life. Thanks to PropertyCast, I've secured more deals and partnerships than ever before. It's an indispensable asset in my real estate toolbox."

"Secured more deals in the first month of using than the last two years."

The tool's precise ROI calculations, comprehensive rent roll features, and visual representations of property value increases have been game-changers.

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Unleash Your Real Estate Potential with

Precise ROI Post-Refinancing
Effortlessly compute your exact returns after refinancing, ensuring financial clarity and confidence.
Comprehensive Rent Roll
Dive deep into potential property lifts with detailed rent roll features, making every investment decision informed.
Visual Growth Representation
See your investment's growth in real-time with intuitive visuals, turning complex data into understandable insights.

The one-stop solution for all your Real Estate Investment Analysis. revolutionizes real estate investing by turning intricate financial analysis into an accessible, data-driven experience, empowering investors to make smarter, more profitable, more confident decisions.

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